What is Neuraltide ?

Neuraltide is dedicated to the development of a medical device for the treatment of ischemic strokes. Our goal is to provide a device that is …

  • Non-invasive and easy to use
  • Available in all types of hospitals, clinics or treatment centers
  • Requiring no additional skills for paramedical staff*

A treatment for all patients

Currently, not all ischemic stroke patients are eligible for revascularisation treatment (chemical and/or mechanical).

* under medical prescription

extend the therapeutic window x4

for ischemic stroke patients, up to 24 hours

Our technology

Neuraltide’s Swell-Suit is a patented* medical device based on the lower-body positive-pressure principle.

The Swell-Suit improves cerebral perfusion by redistributing blood from the lower part of the body toward the heart and brain by an increase of peripheral resistance. This reduces the area of brain at risk of irreversible ischemia and thus reduces stroke disability.

If you can’t treat the clot, get around the clot

* patent pending

Our vision :to reduce the burden of untreated strokes

Strokes are the n° 1 cause of all acquired handicaps, with an estimated cost of 9 billion € per year.

France 2016 (G. de Pouvourville 2016)

About us

The project started at the patient’s bedside and naturally led to the creation of Neuraltide to develop the Swell-Suit and make it accessible to patients.

The two founders are physicians with complementary and synergistic disciplines in stroke management. Karine Berthet, neurologist specialised in stroke management and Anne-Claire Lukaszewicz, resuscitator.

Karine Berthet is CEO. Her clinical expertise has been complemented by more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the follow-up of the HEC Challenge Plus training dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Their objective: that the Swell-Suit becomes a reference treatment for the management of ischemic strokes.

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